May 2, 2014


The mission of Kansas City Jazz ALIVE is to:

E-Provide EXPOSURE to applicable resources for the Kansas City jazz community

The “Exposure Committee” wanted to find a way to address the unemployment issues area musicians presently face. Realizing that many musicians will not secure musical work on a consistent basis, but can explore other employment opportunities/options to achieve the same goals, the “Exposure Committee” formed the “Musicians Assisting Musicians” (MAM) speaker and workshop series.

Jazz Artist Inc – April 12 – 13, 2019

KC Jazz ALIVE is proud to partner with Mid-America Arts Alliance to host Jazz Artist Inc in April 2019!  This 2-day workshop with assist jazz musicians in shaping their jazz careers.

Jazz Artist INC Express is an intensive, hands-on workshop created to address the specific business needs and challenges jazz musicians face every day. Click HERE for more details!